How can you  simplify and optimise the collection, processing and sharing of data between users, along with reporting and communication, in a dynamic and collaborative environmental process?


It’s easy: just use Dotsimply, a range of software packages developed by 21 Solutions in association with ALEAUR.Its user-friendlyergonomics ensure key features can be accessed in a few clicks without sacrificing functionality. Do It Simply offers, as the default setting, modules enriched with innovative tools for collecting and processing data according to user profileand for data mapping. The software’s intuitive quality reduces training requirements and makes it easier to roll out collaborative solutions. Features include:


  • Action plans for easier steering of the processes with online management of actions
  • Good practices and guidelines on managing environmental guidelines and recommendations online and encouraging their implementation
  • Environmental regulations for listing and collecting in one place the regulations applicable to your activity, identifying areas where you are failing to comply with them and steering corrective actions
  • Indicators and reports for easy collecting, processing and tracking of environmental indicators
  • Documentation control to help you manage your documents online, from writing to publishing
  • Claims and non-compliance cases for effective management of customer and supplier complaints

These collaborative tools have been adapted and used in various different projects run by 21 Solutions, including:


  • The collaborative management of the implementation of the Regional Programme for the Circular Economy (PREC-GPCE)
  • Monitoring implementation of the environmental actions of the FPS Finance
  • Gathering waste collection information from the waste containers of MCA Recycling


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