Cultural Heritage studies

Cultural Heritage studies



Transitioning cities are undergoing transformation and need to modernise by harmoniously integrating their natural and built heritage.

Our approach

What should be conserved and what should be restored? Our heritage surveys help architects and project managers identify the relevant factors and choose the right restoration options for renovation or conversion projects in a way that always takes the social dimension into account. Beyond the decision-making processes and the importance of the social and political aspects, we believe that respect for the environment, built or natural, always implies respect for its users.

Cultural Heritage studies
Cultural Heritage studies

Our services

  • Historical, urban planning and technical surveys prior to the restoration, renovation or conversion of listed or unlisted buildings
  • Surveys in connection with the redevelopment of districts and urban areas
  • Organisation of round tables, colloquia and training sessions on protecting the natural and built heritage
  • Awareness-raising and coordination of scientific publications on protecting the urban heritage



Our expertise

Ever since the creation of 21 Solutions, our team has helped preserve and enhance the natural and built heritage. From Brussels Town Hall to the Cantersteen façade of the Galerie Ravenstein gallery via the home and the Boël hotel or the Gramme building of the Université du Travail in Charleroi, we put our expertise in art history, architecture and heritage at the service of institutions, architecture firms and private individuals, in collaboration if necessary with urban planning partners and architects.

Examples of our projects