Environmental Management

Environmental Management



Given the urgent need to reduce our environmental impacts, develop resource-efficient systems and come up with circular economic models, environmental management is no longer just an optional extra.

Our approach

From diagnosis to implementation via training and certification, we can guide you step-by-step as you roll out an environmental management system, taking both the technical and human aspects into account. We’ll ensure that you identify and prioritise the relevant environmental impacts, mobilise teams, develop solutions and measure results. And you needn’t necessarily aim for certification, since introducing an environmental management system also provides a great opportunity to develop eco-innovative processes, forge new partnerships and move from a linear model to a circular economy that creates value ​​and innovation. Because today is when tomorrow takes shape.

Environmental Management
Environmental Management

Our services

  • Audit
  • Certification support
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Bilan Carbone®
  • Eco-team
  • Training
  • Diagnostic and awareness-raising tools

Our expertise

We have supported and/or audited more than a hundred public- and private-sector organisations of various sizes and from a range of sectors – from the federal government to chocolate-makers and taking in the hotel sector, catering, event management and printing – as they go through the process of implementing an environmental management system (of whatever type: EMAS, LEED, ISO 14001 or Bilan Carbone). This wide-ranging experience has enabled us to develop and hone high-quality tools to facilitate the introduction of an environmental management system, and we are more than happy to share these tools in a peer-to-peer approach that we whole-heartedly endorse. 

Examples of our projects