Participative Strategies

Participative Strategies


Changes in public spaces, organisational change, behavioural change, changes in social organisation… We firmly believe that people are at the heart of change and that participation is a key element in transition.



Our approach


A true participatory approach is not confined to a good goal, some project management tools and a well-designed schedule: above all, it means taking a stance and making a commitment. Participation – whether of citizens, employees or regional stakeholders –cannot be created by decree; it can only be proposed. It’s not imposed top-down: it’s built on trust, with an attitude of respect and positive intentions.

Participative Strategies
Participative Strategies

Our services

  • Co-constructing a regional or organisational strategy 
  • A participatory approach to local development projects (urban development, transport, community cohesion, etc.) and sustainable multi-stakeholder projects
  • Developing a collaborative culture (tools, methods, training)
  • Moderating networks of stakeholders
  • Customised support
  • Shared diagnosis 


Our expertise

Over the past ten years, we have supported dozens of collectives, mobilised corporate eco-teams, moderated multi-stakeholder networks and helped define or implement local, regional and European projects. The participatory pathways we propose entail both providing decision support (shared diagnoses, definition of visions or action plans) and empowering groups for collective action in favour of a sustainable transition.


On citizen participation in particular, take inspiration from our White Paper.

Examples of our projects