The protection of our heritage is one of the founding principles of 21 Solutions

Solid expertise

Since the beginning of 21 Solutions and throughout various projects, whether we are working with historians or architects, we have been resolutely committed to preserving both our architectural and natural heritage.

We conduct historical research, plan round tables, support the publication of scientific works on historical structures. At 21 Solutions, we have ample expertise to work in this domain, and we’re never afraid of a challenge.

On a daily basis we also work on urban development projects (King Baudouin Park), and in support of Brussels neighborhoods, on projects to protect and preserve the natural environment, and on lots of other tasks as well. Find out more on our website!

People are always at the heart of what we do

What matters to us is putting human and social values at the heart of the various projects we support.

Beyond the decision-making process and social and political negotiations, we believe that respect for the built and natural environments comes along with respect for all of those who hold a stake in those environments.

For us, this is of fundamental importance.

Il faut être fier d'avoir hérité de tout ce que le passé avait de meilleur et de plus noble. Il ne faut pas souiller son patrimoine en multipliant les erreurs passées. Gandhi (1869-1946)