Reduction in transit needs, transportation plans for businesses
Cycling road safety

More than a conviction, it's a necessity

Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that is pleasant and safe. However, the constant increase in traffic density takes its toll on the quality of life and the charming character of our neighborhoods. At 21 Solutions, we believe it is fundamentally important to develop a harmonious relationship with the environment, whether you’re in a city or in the countryside.

We believe that by participating in the development of mobility projects and plans, residents can also influence in a positive and sustainable way the public space they share with others, and together we can react to stem the negative effects of increased traffic congestion.

Of course, first and foremost we practice our own convictions, by encouraging walking, bicycling, and public transportation options!

What's next?

Ecomobility, sustainable and reliable transportation options…these are terms with a lot of mileage! And they also raise a lot of key social questions. Over time, 21 Solutions has worked to invest with passion and enthusiasm in the development of harmonious solutions in the areas of transit, neighborhood revitalization, and reappropriation of public spaces by residents and citizens.

In the Brussels-Capital Region for example, 21 Solutions is involved in the development of the role of the Mobility Coach in partnership with Brussels Mobility.

We also happily participate in developing transit plans for companies by helping them create transit strategies that are well-designed and customized.

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