Participation of citizens and institutions

The stakes involved in citizen participation are multiple, and the goal is to engage in a democratic urban management process.

Participation ?

This is a term that might seem superficial. But for us, citizen participation is more than a collection of methods. It’s an attitude.

Our priority is for everyone to be heard. For their dreams, desires, choices, and values to have an audience.

Therefore, we propose, develop, and organize participatory processes…each one unique. We’ve got a genuine drive to get there together.

More than just support...

Do your projects revolve around more harmonious development in urban environments?

21 Solutions offers a variety of tools that will bring together all the stakeholders involved in the various steps of working through a common process. Here and there we also add comical moments, humor, creativity and an element of surprise to create those unpredictable moments which truly bring parties together in a shared vision.

In our daily affairs, we take our commitments very seriously and we strive to enable everyone to get sincerely involved in a project. Often we can work with you beyond the scope of your own ambitions and goals.

A small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything (Donella Meadows)