EMAS - ISO 14001 - Eco-Dynamic Label - Green Key - ISO 20121

A system for environmental management? To do what with?

First and foremost to limit environmental impact while continuing to meet client needs. So, there’s no room for “greenwashing” in environmental procedures like EMAS, Green Key, ISO 14001 or Eco-Dynamic Label that are implemented by 21 Solutions. But there will be no loss of quality either because business reputations depend on reliability.

An environmental management system will enable you to concentrate on the most significant environmental impacts you make, so you can deal with them as a top priority. Efforts are therefore devoted first and foremost where the environment truly needs them and according to the means of the organization to take action. EMAS registration for example involves two unique elements of scale: the effort has to be participatory, so all of the teams are mobilized… This effort is measured and its effects are evaluated and then published and validated by a third party: the environmental declaration is available to anyone who wishes to see it and it shows the continuous improvement that motivates the organization.

Coaching, training and development of customized tools

For nearly 10 years in Belgium and in other countries, 21 Solutions has had experience supporting public and private entities as they implement EMAS and ISO 14001 type SMEs. We have worked with and/or audited more than twenty public and private organizations in their EMAS, LEED, ISO 14001, and carbon footprint type environmental procedures (including printers, event management companies, cleaning firms, food services companies, cultural organizations, hotels, waste management companies, federal administrations, economic initiatives, chocolate industry, etc.).

Our experience has enabled us to develop and fine-tune the tools to implement an environmental management system. For that reason, we have also participated in a number of European projects for use by the tourism industry (MOVE-IT), small companies (Ecotoolkit) and the services sector (Green Offices).

As a former founding member of the Business Eco-Advisory Board, Marcel van Meesche is well-known for developing innovative tools in environmental management such as EMAS Easy and Eco-Maps. He uses and trains others to use simple and practical methods based on visual resources and involvement of stakeholders.

Keep it Simple and Smart ! One of the adaptations of the KISS principle