Eco-construction and rational use of energy

In terms of sustainable urban construction, our expertise lies not only with energy saving measures, but also with renovation strategies.

Sustainable construction, OK, but...

Eco-construction on an urban development scale implies sharp knowledge of this particular sector in its constant state of flux.

At 21 Solutions, we’ve got ample resources in this field: we can identify the best possible network and relevant stakeholders in Brussels, offer a clear view of the complicated issues in this field, and share our experience in green building projects that has grown over time and through various projects in both Brussels and in the Wallonia Region.


Concrete measures?

A partner of CERAA in drafting and publishing the “Practical Guide to Eco-construction” and the “Guide to Exemplary Buildings”, we are also responsible for planning numerous workshops and visits related to the topics of eco-construction and exemplary building practices.

We are involved in launching one of the 6 Energy Houses of the Brussels-Capital Region, and we provide information, support, and expertise to the public at large with respect to rational energy consumption, insulation, and ecological and sustainable renovations.

Our experts also work with the Construction Reference Center to offer round table discussions on topics as varied as renovating old wood frame windows and the redeployment of the network of eco-construction training institutes. Often 21 Solutions can conduct audits or provide support to the public or the private sector, and also for individuals, with respect to energy consumption in the broadest sense.

Mais, depuis quelques années, la vie des grandes villes n'est-elle pas devenue si intenable qu'il semble opportun de préconiser des remèdes ? Le Corbusier, 1923