The Good Move Regional Mobility Plan

The Good Move Regional Mobility Plan

Brussels Mobility

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To develop the new Regional Mobility Plan, Brussels Mobility decided to launch Good Move, a large-scale participatory process. As a member of the consortium responsible for defining the Plan, along with consulting firms Transitec, Espaces-Mobilités and Tridee and communication agency Sennse, 21 Solutions took charge of defining and running this unprecedented multi-stakeholder participatory process, bringing together transport experts as well as participants from the business sector, non-profits, companies, government agencies and citizens.


The objective was threefold:

  • To facilitate ownership by spreading the word about these complex issues and ensuring the transparency of the process and the availability of all preparatory documents, survey results and preliminary studies;
  • To enhance the Plan’s vision and proposed actions by bringing in multiple forms of expertise;
  • To facilitate ownership, because a mobility plan cannot be made concrete without a widespread willingness to contribute.
The Good Move Regional Mobility Plan
The Good Move Regional Mobility Plan

From the preparatory phase to the definition of the strategic focuses and actions and the production of the preliminary draft, the stakeholders’ involvement was made possible by organising cross-disciplinary workshops and bilateral meetings, supplemented by some thirty technical meetings, two forums and an online participation platform.



At the end of these two and a half years of co-construction, the Good Move Plan is today almost unanimously seen as an ambitious, co-constructed plan that sets out a clear vision.


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