Renovation of wood frame construction (Brussels-Capital Region)

Renovating existing building heritage

In Brussels, the number of buildings renovated every year is greater than new construction.
Therefore renovation is a major concern as we look at the issue of sustainable development of the capital. Going forward, how can we find the right balance in terms of renovating existing architectural heritage and addressing the challenges of a sound energy policy?
In particular, what can we do with window frames that quite often still have single glazing?  

By facing the energy challenges of tomorrow

This is no easy question. And it’s the subject of a series of round tables and events planned by 21 Solutions for the Construction Reference Centre (CDR), as part of the axis formed by Sustainable Construction of the Employment-Environment Alliance of Brussels. Organization co-financed by the Region and by the private sector, CDR’s goal is to encourage the construction field and market in Brussels.

In 2012 and 2013, round tables brought together professionals of the sector (training, socio-professional opportunities, technical advisors, etc.) to create synergy between the stakeholders involved, improving their understanding of the technical issues related to renovating wood frames.

In this same context, in 2014, 21 Solutions launched the organization of an interactive technical itinerary, with various visits, conferences, and learning events for purposes of deepening knowledge related to the crucial themes.


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