Ecodynamic Business Label Coaching

A graduated label

The “ecodynamic business” label is an official recognition in the Brussels-Capital Region of good environmental management practices put in place in businesses. This label awards environmental dynamic energy and efforts made in terms specifically of waste management, reasonable use of energy, management of worker commuting, etc.

The “ecodynamic business” label is free and it is suitable for any type of business (large or small, private sector, public sector, association, or non-commercial organization) regardless of field, as long as the candidate for obtaining the label is located in the Brussels-Capital Region.

More than 170 public and private organizations of all sizes have currently earned the label in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Customized approach to coaching

Since 2013, 21 Solutions has supported organizations seeking to earn the “Ecodynamic Business” label. Among them, we include:
Oxfam International
the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
UCM National
BECI, the Chamber of Commerce and Business Union of Brussels
Hogeschool Universiteit Brussel

… and many others in the process of earning the label.


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