Meetings go green atelier 4 : Smart waste sorting & recycling - Hotel Thon Stéphanie - 16/6/2016 - 9h00-13h00

Meetings go green atelier 4 : Smart waste sorting & recycling - Hotel Thon Stéphanie - 16/6/2016 - 9h00-13h00

Organiser un événement Zéro Déchet, impossible ? MPI (Meeting Professional International Belgium Chapter) en collaboration avec 21 Solutions et YUZU relèvent le défi de former les entreprises du secteur événementiel bruxellois pour atteindre cet objectif ambitieux. 

Nos intervenants du jour

Fost Plus

Fost Plus is responsible for promoting, coordinating and financing the selective collecting, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium.

You are convinced that sorting is useful and you know the sorting rules. All you need to do now is organise yourself! Fost Plus have listed the main steps for a successful introduction, with some tips and tricks.

Speaker: Greet Hoffman

Greet is Project Manager at Fost More. She will introduce the webshop ‘sort shop’ Fost Plus to raise awareness of sorting possibilities on events.

Tour & Taxis

The site of Tour & Taxis is a reference point for all events in Brussels. With various areas totalling more than 17,000 m2, the Sheds offer a multitude of configurations for exhibitions and other events.

Speaker: Jean Vandamme

President at Brussels Special Venues | BSV (Non-profit organization) and Events Manager of Tour & Taxis. He works closely with events and exhibitions organisers and he like coming up with new ideas and bespoke solutions for them.

Bruxelles Environnement

Bruxelles Environnement is the administration of the city which aims to improve the quality of life and the environment in the city and in the region.

Speaker: Céline Schaar 

Céline is responsible for the department of ‘waste’ within the division of Information, General Coordination, Sharing economy, and Sustainable city at Bruxelles Environnement. The department is responsible for strategy and action within the field of prevention and management of waste in Brussels.

During the workshop Céiline will introduce the main working fields about management of resources and management of waste in the region. Céline has worked at University of Gembloux as Consultant at the Union Wallonne des Entreprises before she started this job about 2 years ago.

Every 2 D

Speaker: Thibaut Jacquet 

Thibaut is a consultant specialised in the management of waste of companies. He will come and talk about his latest innovation: a phone cabin made from waste (eg carpets of shows).

The cabin helps you to communicate at an event or on the company floor in silence.

Management of waste at large events and in public spaces

Speaker: Vincent Tuttino

Visit Brussels has been engaged for over 2 years in the management of waste at large events. Vincent Tuttino, Events Manager at Visit Brussels, will come and present several case studies on how they prevented and reduced waste at events in the city.


A qui ce cycle est-il destiné ?

• aux planificateurs et responsables d’évènements

• aux fournisseurs d’évènements (traiteurs, venues, graphistes et imprimeurs, etc)

• aux responsables environnementaux et RSE ;

• aux organismes (entreprises ou autorités publiques) souhaitant mettre en place un système de management environnemental (SME) ;

• aux entreprises labellisées ou candidates au Label Entreprise Ecodynamique


Les ateliers se déroulent dans la langue des intervenants.

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Meetings go green atelier 4 : Smart waste sorting & recycling - Hotel Thon Stéphanie - 16/6/2016 - 9h00-13h00